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Faudel & RedOne - All Day All Night (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | Arabic Version | 2018

  • Faudel & RedOne - All Day All Night (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | 2018
    RedOne فضيل و - All Day All Night - Arabic Version
    Track Title: All day all night
    Artist: Faudel
    Réalisateur : Amir Rouani
    Prod Executive : Wangto
    Produced By: RedOne and T.I Jakke for RedOne Productions
    Written By: RedOne/T.I Jakke/Adil Khayat/Mohammed El Merdi/Jad Benyahya/Chakib Lahssaini
    Published By: RedOne Records Mena / HF Productions
    Recorded/Engineered By: RedOne, T.I Jakke, Adil Khayat
    Recorded At: RedOne Studios
    Vocal Production/Arrangement By: RedOne, T.I Jakke
    Vocal Editing By: RedOne, T.I Jakke
    All instruments played and programmed by: RedOne, T.I Jakke
    Background Vocals: Layla Khayat / Samya Khayat / Amina Khayat / Zainab Khayat / Rim Rekab
    Mixed By: Nika Soundmaker
    Mastered by: Masterdisk Europe
    Dates of Recording: 2017
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    Category : Music Videos


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