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Don Diablo ft. Ansel Elgort - Believe | Lyric Video

  • Stream & download BELIEVE: Don and I have been friends since 2013 and have always been big fans of each other. We’ve talked about collaborating since then. nnDon: When I met Ansel I knew he was a very talented actor but when I first heard him sing he totally blew my mind.nnAnsel: ‘Believe’ started as an instrumental that Don sent me in late 2015 I always loved it but wasn’t sure what to write to it that would be as epic as Don’s production. nnDon: It took a while for us to finish the record but we wanted it to be something we both truly loved. nnAnsel: I was inspired by Freddie Mercury’s epic song writing, something that could be an arena anthem but also holds deeper meaning.”nnDon: After Ansel's vocals were recorded I got so inspired I ended up lifting the instrumental itself as well and I feel we both delivered a song that we can be proud of for the years to come. nnLyrics:nPromises promises, year after year on my kneesnParadise knocks for my future, just have to believenFlood flood flood in the streets so they saidnBlood blood blood in the streets of my headnnDo you believe in menDo you believe in menWe believed in younWe believed in younnJust listen to Father and he’ll set you up to seek seeds nIn the soil to dry to produce what we nNeed for our family treesnCutting down to our kneesnWe look up to the sky to retell the old nStories of glorious, battles victoriousnBrothers notorious, empires turn to dustnMen turned delirious, reasons mysteriousnDestruction comes near to us, our mothers shed tears for usnnDo you believe in menDo you believe in menWe believed in younWe believed in younnLived on my kneesnThey told me that you’d set me freenWe lost our years together because of the fearnKnow i’m never gonna make it therenI just wanted Eden on repeated sunny daysnThe land below me cracks and tearsnLook into the sky through the thick and rainy hazennDo you believe in menDo you believe in menWe believed in younWe believed in younnAnimation: Erik Middendorp for HEXAGON FILMnExecutive Producer: Don Diablo nn⬡⬢ Don Diablo ⬢⬡nSpotify ⬡

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