Top 10 Most Effective Editing Moments of All Time

  • Skilled editing is as effective in the creation of a good film as a writer, director, or performer. Though often overlooked, editing brings shots together to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. These ten movies are a fantastic illustration of just how important editing can be. Subscribe: LISTnnCity of GodnDirector: Fernando Meirelles, Kátia LundnEditor: Daniel RezendennBonnie and ClydenDirector: Arthur PennnEditor: Dede AllennnNorth By Northwest:nDirector: Alfred HitchcocknEditor: George TomasininnThe GodfathernDirector: Francis Ford CoppolanEditor: William Reynolds, Peter ZinnernnBattleship PotemkinnDirector: S.M. EisensteinnEditor: Sergei M. Eisenstein, Grigori AleksandrovnnPsychonDirector: Alfred HitchcocknEditor: George TomasininnUn Chien AndalounDirector: Louis BunuelnEditor: Luis BuñuelnnApocalypse NownDirector: Francis Ford CoppolanEditor: Lisa Fruchtman, Gerald B. Greenberg, Walter Murchnn2001: A Space OdysseynDirector: Stanley KubricknEditor: Ray LovejoynnLawrence of ArabianDirector: David LeannEditor: Anne V. CoatesnnOur friends over at IndieWire put together some seriously inspired MOVIE (and TV!) LISTS: and CineFix is bringing 'em to life!

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