Best FAIL Compilation || JULY 2013 || Monthly Fails

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    Hello Guys!
    Today we start with a girlfriend sharing the joy of mountain biking with his boy - thanks God he records everything (00:08) and I wonder if she still enjoys bike riding ;) The second fail (00:14) is kind of tricky one - well, we can notice both fail and win in this video, but the most important question is wheather it's a fake or not... Don't hesitate to share your reflections in comments below! Next comes the fireman on duty (00:37), probably the mix of water pressure, his weight and this strange net on the roof mae him having a little rest during the fire action ;) after it you may want to watch few water related fails, the first one (00:50) sounds ugly, it is possible that this dude still remembers this "gentle water touch" after this jump... And the next video (01:12) shows us, that both kids playing drums on the right can hardly resist incoming laugh - brave kids! :) That coming next - a run fail (01:35) this case reminds that everyone can lose, even when he is about to win... life... ;) Have fun watching this compilation and remember to send me a fail video if you own one! Keep cool and see you soon! Bye!

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